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Spatial Reference - Point Memory

What is Point Memory:

It is a service in this website to support the co-ordinate searches, conversion and calculation services. It provides the capability to save co-ordinates for use during the same session. This means, if a co-ordinate is saved in one service, it can easily be recalled and used again on the same or on a different service in this website, which saves the trouble of copying and pasting multiple co-ordinates.

Unfortunately, the Point Memory service can only save to the session memory and thus co-ordinates saved can only be recalled during the same session. This means that once the internet window containing this website is closed, the saved co-ordinates will be lost. That means that if you want to save the points for further use outside of this website or a later date, you would have to copy the data to a usable format and save it on your computer.

How it works:

It is very simple to use and not that complicated so take the time to get to know it since it will save a lot of time and effort. As you may have noticed, the services that you are familiar with has been upgraded with more fields that may make them look more complicated, but with closer inspection you will notice that it is not the case.

The new fields (Text Boxes and Buttons) that can be seen on the service pages provide capability for the save and paste of co-ordinate information. Anywhere where a co-ordinate is produced as a result (i.e. searches, calculations and conversions), A "Save As ->" button is provided next to the result with a text box for the point name. Once the point is saved, it will appear with the other saved points in a drop down menu next to all the places where co-ordinate input is required accompanied by a "<- Paste Y and X" button.

Saved points can also be managed on the Point Memory Page where point information can be edited, deleted and saved to your computer for further use outside of this website.







Spatial Reference is constantly looking for more ways to maintain a high level of security for account data and information, but accept no responsibility for the theft or leak of information. Spatial Reference encourage users to check data supplied by this service against your companies Accuracy Standards and accept no responsibility for the misinterpretation of the data and errors caused by using data supplied by this Service.