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Control Point Search - Using Name

This Service allows you to search for Trig Beacons or Town Survey Marks by using the Control Point Name. It now supports the new Point Memory function that enables you to save points for further use on this Website during this Session. (Saved data will be lost when this window is closed)

You have to specify the correct Central Meridian as the Y Co-ordinates repeat for each different one and the rough latitude is used to speed up the search such that the whole Meridian is not searched. The Nearest Town / City function is used for Town Survey Marks or if the above parameters are not known. There are many Towns and Cities in the Database so they are sorted alphabetically.

Map Co-ordinates for both the WGS84 and Clarke1880 ellipsoids are available.

Information about Terms used on this Page:
      Map Projections in South Africa and why it's relevant to this Service
      Information about Point Memory and how it works


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