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About Spatial Reference
Information and news about this Website (Also the Home Page)

Point Search Services
These are there to Search for Control Points in Various ways:

    Search for Control Point by using Point Name
      This Service returns all Points with Similar Name to Search Criteria.

    Search for Control Point by using Co-ordinates
      This Service returns all Points with Co-ordinates within a
      specified Range from a specified point.

    Local Point Search
      This Service returns all Points with Co-ordinates within a
      specified Range from a specified point. (Extra Features Included)

Topographic Maps
This service provides access to about 1600 topographic maps covering most of South Africa.
These maps are electronic copies of the 1:50000 scale topographic maps provided by the Chief Directorate : Surveys and Mapping.

Calculation Services
These include most of the general Surveying Calculations. The site will be
under constant development so new calculation services will regularly be added.

    Join Calculation
      Returns the Direction and Distance between two specified Co-ordinates.

    Polar Calculation
      Calculates a polar from a Point using a Direction and Distance.

    Intersection Calculation
      Calculates the Intersection Co-ordinates of two rays from their respective Points

    Resection Calculation
      Calculates a Resection for a Point using rays to known Points.

    Unit Conversion ***NEW***
      Convert Units of Length / Distance
      Convert Units of Area
      Convert Units of Angles
      Convert Units on Old Property Document Areas

    Co-ordinate Conversion
      Convert Geographic (Lat, Long) Co-ordinates to Plane (Y, X) Co-ordinates
      Convert Plane (Y, X) Co-ordinates to Geographic (Lat, Long) Co-ordinates
      (These features are handy for hand held GPS and for converting Google Earth Mouse Co-ordinates)


Information and Research
These links contain basic information on services and terms used on this website. Research information relevant to users of this web services are also listed at an introductory Level.

    Map Projections in South Africa and why it's relevant to this Service
      Information briefly explaining Map Projections in South Africa to understand how
      coordinates are converted from a geographic to plane coordinate systems, what
      Longitudes of Origin is and how it is used in this process.

    Information on Intersections and how to improve the quality of the results
      How to plan your field surveying procedures to construct good geometry for precise intersections.

    Introduction to 3D Laser Scanning ***NEW***
      A basic introduction to the various forms of Laser Scanning and how it can be used.

    Information about Point Memory and how it works
      Point Memory gives you the option to save points from your searches and calculations.

Client Services
These Services include various functions to control site access and security,
monitor user satisfaction, and maintain user communication.

    Account Registration
      FREE Service to Register clients for service use. (1 Month FREE Trial)

    Various Security Enabled Account Pages
      These cannot be mapped to improve security but Log On / Off Services are
      available on EVERY Web Page.

    Point Memory Page
      This service allows you to view the Co-ordinates that has been saved during this session.

    Comments and Suggestions
      This is to receive feedback from users to monitor general satisfaction
      and consider ideas for improvement and further development

    Contact Information
      Contact Information for queries, problems, advertising applications etc.

Links to various Websites with relevant content to the users of this Service.

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Complete Geomatic Solutions Inc.

Cell Phone Compatible Version
Most of the Services on this Website are Mirrored on a Smaller (Resolution),
more basic version of this Service that are intended for Internet/WAP enabled
Cell Phones or Pocket PCs. (To make things simpler Account Registration and
setup needs to be done from the bigger Version)


Spatial Reference is constantly looking for more ways to maintain a high level of security for account data and information, but accept no responsibility for the theft or leak of information. Spatial Reference encourage users to check data supplied by this service against your companies Accuracy Standards and accept no responsibility for the misinterpretation of the data and errors caused by using data supplied by this Service.